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Folks, we’ve once again sold all of our copies from around the world. A third printing (our largest batch yet!) will be available in the next few weeks with unsigned copies available at bookstores throughout Canada and the United States, so please stay tuned!


Fabric of the Game first edition hardcover book, with a limited edition dual-signed by both Chris Creamer and Todd Radom on a numbered commemorative bookplate affixed opposite title page. LIMITED TO 500 COPIES, TOTAL, FEWER THAN 20 REMAIN! The VIP package comes with two retro-themed author hockey cards, signed by each author.

VIP DUAL-SIGNED COPIES SOLD OUT (Stay tuned for future dual-signed options)

Our initial run of 500 limited edition dual-signed VIP copies are all gone! We will offer additional dual-signed editions in the future once border-crossing is once again an option.


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